What Do You See?

Mug of Cider - Set Up Adventure Story

I’m watching it fitfully try to snow outside while I sit at my desk and drink a mug of aromatic peppermint tea. In the background, the dryer’s humming, and the cat’s howling from the stairs because the full standard poodle we’re dog sitting is staring at him from the bottom step. Eventually, my cat will figure out how to sneak past the poodle, probably because the poor dog can’t see anything with his unruly topknot, and the cat will make his way to my lap while I’m writing.

It is incredibly easy to complain about anything and everything in life. I could gripe about the cold weather, or the laundry, or perhaps the echo of my cat’s discontent. I could bemoan the work load sitting on my desk or the need to keep a closer eye on the poodle than I would on my own dog because the poodle has a habit of eating shoes when he’s not in the same room as a person.

Now, I confess, any one of the above complaints has come out of my mouth at one time or another.

SleepAfter the last several weeks of disconnecting, of simply being, all of them seem rather hallow. They reflect a skewed perspective on my life. I’m sure you see where this is going. We see memes on Facebook all the time that encourage us to be thankful. We naturally complain, so to be thankful, I believe we need to be intentional about how we look at things, how we think about them or speak them aloud.

Instead of the cold weather, I’m enjoying the warm mug of tea and the beauty of the frost covering my windowsill.

The hum of the dryer reminds me I have enough clothes to make a full load of laundry…plus, I have a washer and dryer in which to clean those clothes.

My cat’s howl makes me smile. This might be one of the things I complain about the least. The Writing Sidekick has a huge personality and he daily tells me about it.

I have a desk, at home, where I get to work daily on my writing. If the pile of work on it reaches the ceiling, that just means I’m doing something right in the job of my dreams.

The giant poodle sitting at the bottom of the stairs is a friend’s dog. This friend takes care of the cats when my husband and I go on vacation, so I don’t think the Sidekick can yowl too loudly about the poodle being around. Plus, this is a reflection of having good friends.

In a few days, when this post goes live, it’ll be Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States. I figure this is a good day to start a habit of thankfulness as I get back to the blogging world.

If you sit back and look at life around you, what beauty, joy, and goodness do you see?

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving,


On the Doorstep of December

Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots.

Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots.

Typically today would mark the start of a new adventure. We’d be wandering into the woods or ascending a marble staircase of an abandoned house or climbing a tree in search of a wise owl to ask for advise. Sorry to disappoint, but we’ve reached that time of year again.

All the leaves are moldering on the ground and the air outside’s crisp and filled with woodsmoke. By the end of the week it’ll be December. As always, I’ve no idea where the year went.

At the start of this year I had high ambitions (always do) and some of them were fulfilled. My latest novel length story, Dryad, has been edited and I’m now in the process of submitting it to agents. It’s an amazing feeling to reach that point and I’m trying to view the rejections so far as a badge of success because I can’t receive rejections if I’m not submitting. So there’s that. =)

I did not get to self publishing any of the adventures. So that is the next big project on my list. After looking over them all, I was astounded to find I’ve written over 40. It’s definitely time to see what can be done with them. (Perhaps by this time next year you’ll be able to hold a hard copy of an adventure and explore all the different endings at your leisure.)


Although I do enjoy a good whiskey =)

But before I dig into that project, it’s time to enjoy this season. For me, December has become the time to step back and focus on family and friends, to breath and figure out what, exactly, the next year’s goals are going to be. What those goals will look like and what is required to reach them. I get so focused on just doing, that by this time of year I need to pause and reevaluate.

If you’ve read this far into this post, thanks. =) With everything that demands your attention, I appreciate your support of this blog and my writing.

If you’re in the USA, I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time. May your December be amazing as well. I promise the Adventure will return to brighten your days in January.