What Do You See?

Mug of Cider - Set Up Adventure Story

I’m watching it fitfully try to snow outside while I sit at my desk and drink a mug of aromatic peppermint tea. In the background, the dryer’s humming, and the cat’s howling from the stairs because the full standard poodle we’re dog sitting is staring at him from the bottom step. Eventually, my cat will figure out how to sneak past the poodle, probably because the poor dog can’t see anything with his unruly topknot, and the cat will make his way to my lap while I’m writing.

It is incredibly easy to complain about anything and everything in life. I could gripe about the cold weather, or the laundry, or perhaps the echo of my cat’s discontent. I could bemoan the work load sitting on my desk or the need to keep a closer eye on the poodle than I would on my own dog because the poodle has a habit of eating shoes when he’s not in the same room as a person.

Now, I confess, any one of the above complaints has come out of my mouth at one time or another.

SleepAfter the last several weeks of disconnecting, of simply being, all of them seem rather hallow. They reflect a skewed perspective on my life. I’m sure you see where this is going. We see memes on Facebook all the time that encourage us to be thankful. We naturally complain, so to be thankful, I believe we need to be intentional about how we look at things, how we think about them or speak them aloud.

Instead of the cold weather, I’m enjoying the warm mug of tea and the beauty of the frost covering my windowsill.

The hum of the dryer reminds me I have enough clothes to make a full load of laundry…plus, I have a washer and dryer in which to clean those clothes.

My cat’s howl makes me smile. This might be one of the things I complain about the least. The Writing Sidekick has a huge personality and he daily tells me about it.

I have a desk, at home, where I get to work daily on my writing. If the pile of work on it reaches the ceiling, that just means I’m doing something right in the job of my dreams.

The giant poodle sitting at the bottom of the stairs is a friend’s dog. This friend takes care of the cats when my husband and I go on vacation, so I don’t think the Sidekick can yowl too loudly about the poodle being around. Plus, this is a reflection of having good friends.

In a few days, when this post goes live, it’ll be Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States. I figure this is a good day to start a habit of thankfulness as I get back to the blogging world.

If you sit back and look at life around you, what beauty, joy, and goodness do you see?

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving,


It Comes in Threes

DSC_9199One: Working the next nine days straight. Yuck!

Two: Company in town. Yea!

Three: Husband having surgery. Yippee! After a year of pain, he’ll finally be able to move his neck. Hospital, yuck. But it’s only for a short time.

Add one plus two plus three and we get my brain and time not focused on writing. Deficit on the adventure. Sorry. =(

The adventure will return in October. I promise =) Until then, I hope you enjoy the beginning of Fall and the amazing colors that come with it.




We’re buying a h-h-house. *Waves hands in the air like a mad woman*

power-of-nature-657395-mJust realized the chaos that ensues. Imagine the cartoon that’s stuck its finger in a light socket. Hair two feet in all directions, perfectly on end, and muscle spasms from too much to do in too little time. I will refrain from an actual picture as that might give you nightmares.

So, in a mad grasp at sanity, the adventure here must take a break to make way for the adventure of real life.

I will see you in June. =) And by then my brain will need the writing outlet, so I promise great fun in the adventures to come.



The Big Rocks

Ever read something that made you sit back and think, ‘wow, I need to think on this one’?

Awhile ago my sister sent me a blog link that made me think this. The blog uses this story to make its point:

“…a professor who held up a jar of rocks to his class.  He asked them, is this jar full?  They all agreed that it was.  Then he took a bag of small pebbles and poured it into the jar.  The pebbles filled in the space around the jar and he asked, now is it full?  Everyone again said yes.  He then took a bag of sand and poured it into the jar.  The sand filtered through the rocks and pebbles until all the space was filled.  What about now, he asked, do you think it is full?  For the third time the class said yes.  Finally he took a pitcher of water and poured the water into the jar until it was all the way to the brim and began spilling over the top.  Now, he said, we can say the jar is really full.  He then asked his class an important question:  Do you think, he said, if I had started with the water, then the sand, and then the pebbles, there would still be room for the rocks?

(Read more at http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2013/09/03/filling-the-time-jar-5-steps-that-will-change-your-life/#94Gk15v5kjvgYSq9.99 )

Since reading this story, I’ve tried to keep in mind the rocks, the things in life that really matter and must come before everything else. My faith, my family and so on.

Recently there’s a lot of change happening in my family life. So, keeping in mind the rocks, I’m going to take this holiday season to focus on the precious time I have with my family.

What does that mean for the blog? It means I’ll be taking a short break until the beginning of January. And then I’ll be back with adventures and stories to start off 2014 with some fun=)

So until then, I challenge you to figure out your rocks and focus on them as the year ends.



My husband, Nate, and I.