Reeling In A Goal

I’m not a fisherman but I’ve been reading the Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan, so I couldn’t help myself with the title=)

Anyway, speaking of goals…

I’ve wanted to finish writing my next book for awhile. As with most goals without deadlines, it’s been more of a dream than a goal. It’s got that stupid “someday” fixed to it.

My frustration spilled over until my husband noticed. Perhaps it was the full pot of coffee and the shaking hands or maybe it was the obsessive cleaning that clued him in. I don’t know. Whatever it was, he sat me down and we set a goal with a date: End of October. I’m about 50K words into Dryad (that’s the working title) and the end of October should be doable.

Now for the second part of my frustration. I am finding my leaky sieve of a brain struggles to hold all the details from a novel length story while I’m working on other writing. So until the end of October, I’m taking a short break from writing adventures. However, I love the blogging sphere and don’t want to lose touch with everyone so my other goal is to put on a imaginary blogging backpack (it’s green and purple just in case you were wondering) and head out to find more awesomeness in the blogging world.

I’ll be sure to share the treasures I find. Watch out blogosphere, here I come=)



Author Recommendation

The Outcasts

I love finding new book series to read. Particularly in the fantasy genre because that’s what I tend to write.

Sometimes I’ll walk into a bookstore and peruse the aisles to find something new, but generally, this is a very bad idea for the pocket book. My husband and I can and have blown our entire date budget killing time in a bookstore.

So instead of randomly wandering aisles, I tend to rely on recommendations from people who I know like similar books as I.

The Invaders

This is how I found John Flanagan. Nate, my husband, randomly picked up his first book in the Rangers Apprentice series in an airport. He loved it and passed it along to me.

So this is me passing along the recommendation to you. Flanagan’s writing is for young adults but this hasn’t lessened my enjoyment in the reading. His descriptions are brief but create a fantastic mental picture, in fact, he might be single handedly raising the demand for cloaks, and he smoothly transitions from one view point to another.

The Hunters

The other element I’ll point out is Flanagan’s humor. The stories he writes are just plain fun to read, I catch myself laughing aloud without realizing it, and as he continues to produce books, his humor just builds.

So if you’re looking for a new author to read, I highly recommend John Flanagan with one disclaimer. You might have an uncontrollable desire to wear multicolored cloaks and shoot a bow by the time you’re done reading. Ok, two disclaimers, you might read into ungodly hours of the morning because you just can’t put the story down=)



P.S. If you have any authors you’d like to recommend, please comment. john flanagan: Books.

John Flanagan’s Brotherband Chronicles Site

Ranger’s Apprentice (1. The Ruins of Gorlan, 2. The Burning Bridge, 3. The Icebound Land, 4. The Battle for Skandia, 5. The Sorcerer of the North, 6. The Siege of Macindaw, 7. Erak’s Ransom, 8. Kings of Clonmel, 9. Halt’s Peril, 10. The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, 11. The Lost Stories)

Brotherband Chronicles (1.The Outcasts, 2. The Invaders, 3. The Hunters)