Book Review: The Adventure by Jennifer M. Zeiger

Review of The Adventure by Kat at the Lily Cafe!

The Lily Cafe

3 choose your own adventure fantasy stories suitable for children and adults

Genre: Fantasy, Choose Your Own Adventure, 5-6th grade reading level

The Adventure is one book with three stories and 26 possible endings. As a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you, the reader, get to make different decisions throughout each story to reach one of the 26 endings, and then start over again to discover a new story and another ending. In Moonrise Mountain, you are trying to reach the top of the mountain where wild horses run, but danger and unexpected encounters lie at every turn. In Temple of Night and Wind, you brave the Maw, a dark cave no one has ever returned from. Will you? In The Tournament, you enter one seeking to free your uncle, but it is far from any sort of normal tournament.

First of all, I have been a follower of Jennifer M. Zeiger’s blog since 2013, so when I learned she published a…

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