At the Door of December

It’s that time of year again…already. I’ve no idea where 2017 went, but it’s interesting to look back for a second and contemplate.

Last year this time I hoped to self publish one of the adventures in 2017. It was my next big project. I hoped you could, “hold a hard copy of an adventure and explore all the different endings at your leisure.” I’m a bit surprised and pleased to be able to say this goal was accomplished. In fact, you can explore three of the adventure stories at your leisure! (Check out The Adventure on Amazon.)

Now it’s time to breath for a bit. Every December I step back from writing to focus on family and friends, to breath and relax.

This time also allows my brain to ruminate on what, exactly, the next year’s goals should be. Nothing will be decided until January, but this is the time to start those fires burning in my brain.

In other words, I won’t be posting again until January. If you’ve read this far into this post, thanks. =) With everything that demands your attention, I appreciate your support of this blog and my writing.

I promise to return in January with two things.

  • One, some goals for 2018 and
  • Two, a whole new adventure story to explore. It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a new adventure for the blog. It’s about time to get back to it.

What did you achieve this year? What will next year hold for you?



P.S. If you’re wondering about the Kickstarter rewards, I’ll be posting updates about those on my Facebook page. Be assured, I’m still working on the Hardcover. It’ll be ready soon. =)

12 thoughts on “At the Door of December

  1. J.C. Wolfe says:

    Hi Jennifer! Happy New Year! Hope you’ve had a wonderful January! 🙂

    Just thought I’d drop in to let you know about a call I’m posting on my blog that might interest you! I need beta readers for three short stories I’m compiling into an anthology, and since they’re all about dragons, I immediately thought of you! If you’re interested, you can sign up here (no pressure, though):

    Thanks, and have a wonderful new year! 🙂

  2. leslierohman says:

    The year did fly by!! So proud of you!! Can’t wait to see what next year holds and to read a brand new adventure!!

  3. Mom says:

    enjoy your break. looking forward to our next face time but a real hug would be even better. coming soon, we hope. Love you bunches – Mom

  4. lsebring says:

    It is really hard to believe that the year is almost over and a new one is about to begin. I am so proud of you for setting a goal and reaching that goal. You did an amazing job and I am looking forward to reading The Adventure.

  5. J.C. Wolfe says:

    Congrats again on accomplishing your 2017 goal, Jennifer! I’m really enjoying The Adventure so far! I’ve reached two different endings of Moonrise Mountain and really liked both runs. I definitely didn’t see the consequences of “Scrunch” coming!

    Have a great holiday season, and good luck with your 2018 goals! See you again in January! 🙂

  6. Dad says:

    A good time to reflect, yes indeed. And a special time to reflect on what our Lord did coming in flesh to this earth. Praying for success with “The Adventure” as a hard copy will be in our hands this Friday, or so Amazon says. Yea!

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