Thank You Katherine

I know, here I am on a Wednesday when I just said I wouldn’t be posting on Wednesdays anymore.

Yesterday’s post explained that there are several people who have helped me get to where I’m at today. People who’ve encouraged me over this past year and who, amazingly enough, I’ve never met beyond this blog.

Katherine from the Lily Cafe happens to be one of those people. She’s a woman who likes to write fantasy with a smattering of scifi mixed in just like I do. She’s got a self-published novel titled No Tomorrow, so she completely understands the hurdles and the joys involved in producing Midnight Abyss.

Today, Katherine’s hosting an interview about Midnight Abyss. She might even have some excerpts from the book to whet your appetite. So head on over to the Lily Cafe and say hello if you have a chance. She’s a wonderful woman.

Thank you, Katherine.




4 thoughts on “Thank You Katherine

  1. leslierohman says:

    Loving the interviews! Can’t wait to read the book!

  2. katpersephone says:

    You’re too kind, Jennifer! It was a great pleasure to host you today and I hope for many future opportunities. And thanks for mentioning my book =) I hope Midnight Abyss is a huge success!

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