Temple of Night and Wind

This adventure along with two others, Moonrise Mountain and The Tournament, are to be published on Amazon in the Fall of 2017 under the title The Adventure.

Check out current details on The Adventure page.



10 thoughts on “Temple of Night and Wind

  1. pete says:

    Through the door. Stairs are hard to run up especially if being chased.

  2. Nate Zeiger says:

    I vote down the stairs to better tresure….can always try the door on your way back through.

  3. Oh my, we’re tied at the moment…

  4. molliebond says:

    Through the door! Through the door! (B)

  5. Leslie Rohman says:

    I say B 🙂

  6. Art says:

    Down the stairs into the fresh air, or is it…


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